Night Flight, DKR-JFK

Apologies to Antoine de St. Exupéry

There are few direct flights from the US to West Africa. The routes, the companies that serve them, and their schedules change relatively often. For Americans who’ve traveled frequently to West Africa via Paris or London, it’s novel to skip the European stopover, and head straight to the sub-Saharan region. For example, seven and a half hours after takeoff from JFK, Delta will have you driving along Dakar’s Corniche. The return flight to JFK though gives new meaning to “red-eye.” It leaves DKR at 0230. It’s a sleepy cabin. And while the “aller” is actually 7 3/4 hours, the “retour” is nine, and feels much longer. Here’s the trip in pictures, starting in the Delta lounge at Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport in Dakar.


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