The Heartbeat of Australia

The Melbourne-based band Blue King Brown, led by frontwoman Natalie Pa’apa’a (PAH-ah-PAH-ah) was a good one to feature in the Global Hit today. Especially after the incident today in Australia in which a confrontation developed between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and aboriginal protestors, it was good to balance that out with a story of less contentious activism.
Aside from the songs Blue King Brown write, they’re also engaged in a project run by Australia’s Music Outback Foundation. For more than seven years, they’ve volunteered as music teachers for aboriginal school kids. From Melbourne, they fly four hours to the smack dab center of the country, Alice Springs. Then a three-hour ride over dirt roads into the desert. And there, in one village, four times a year, they spend a couple of weeks with local children. Natalie Pa’apa’a tells the rest of that story, and what the band’s aim is.


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