Why S.M.O.D. Isn’t S.O.D.

Because they still like “M” (Mouzy) and consider him a close friend.

Here are the current members of Malian ensemble S.M.O.D., from left to right:  Ousco, Sam and Donsky.

We featured S.M.O.D. today on the show. What I left out of their story is that Mouzy left the band a year after they formed in 2002.  But it made no sense to change the name of the group (also partly because S.M.O.D. happens to be an affectionate name for a pet in Mali).

Bandleader Sam Bagayoko, son of Amadou & Mariam (“the blind couple of Mali”), tells the rest.  If you understand French, listen to the excerpt from the interview below.  If not, here’s the translation.

Our fourth member is Mouzy, the M in the group SMOD.  In fact SMOD are the initials of the group’s members:  Sam, Mouzy, Ousco, Donsky.  M stopped making music.  He travelled.  He did other stuff.  But he remains our bud.  He’s in Paris.  There wasn’t any rancor, no quarrel.  He just wanted to stop making music.
So for the moment is it SOD?
Voila!  (laughs)  No, the name remains SMOD.
See, Mouzy is still our really good friend.  When we’re in Paris, we share lots of good times.  So we figured SMOD is how we formed ourselves, we made music together.  So why not remain committed to the music, why not remain a group of friends?  We hang out as four.  It’s just that he stopped making music.


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