Last Rites in Hazmat Suits

Overheard from a frequent American visitor to Japan:

“People in the States say Japan is so screwed. People in Tokyo say the north of Japan is so screwed. People in the north say Miyagi (where much of the tsunami damage occurred) is so screwed. People in Miyagi say Fukushima (where a lot of the current nuclear concern is focused) is so screwed. People in Fukushima say the people in the evacuation zone are so screwed. Those people say, ‘Well, at least it’s not a war.'”

Not technically. But watch this video from the Japanese news last week.  These are people from the village of Namie.  It lies in the evacuation zone.  These 111 residents of Namie not only had to leave their homes because of radiation alarm.  50 of them also lost family in the tsunami.  Last Thursday, they were allowed briefly to return to say last rites and pay tribute to their family shrines.  In hazmat suits.  Not war.  But savage.


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