Irony at a Thousand Feet

Yesterday as I sat on my roof in Cambridge on a welcome day of sun and warmth, I gazed at the irony flying above me.  It was a prop plane gliding lazily over Fenway Park.  It was dragging a massive banner for the fuel efficient Honda Insight.  There was only one rationale I could imagine uttered in the meeting room of Honda marketers for this idea:  “We should spend money on airplane rental and fuel to sell a car whose selling point is minimal fuel if it will lead to sales of enough units of the car to create a wave of new hybrid owners.”

One of the engineers at PRI’s The World Mike Wilkins (a regular at Red Sox games thanks to his work with the Spanish Beisbol Network) made this fair point:  “How many newspapers (trees cut down) would you have to print (crank up the printing press for several hours) to reach the same number of people?”

Anyone care to crunch the carbon footprint cost-benefit on this one?IMG_3050


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