Have a Safe, Lagos


Lagos has a couple of malls of the kind pioneered by the US.  One of them is the Century 21 Mall on Victoria Island, the posh part of the city.  On a typical Saturday at the entrance to the mall, chauffered SUVs and luxury sedans sealed off from the heat and chaos with air con set on high drop their charges for an hour or two of shopping and socializing.


Mega Plaza is the main attraction here.  It’s a version of Best Buy, featuring a throbbing  televison display attended to by shopkeepers who were mostly watching the Arsenal v Man City and the Chelsea v Newcastle matches when I went in.  Outside the store, there is a prominent display of safes for sale. 

megaplazasafeLots of varieties and sizes.  Then as you climb the stairs and enter the crisp air of Mega Plaza, two other items have been given high floor visibility (once the seductive walls of HD-LCD TVs stop zombifying you):  an astonishing array of diesel generators and paper shredders, large ones.  Safes, generators and paper shredders.

 I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.



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