Seun for President

Yesterday, Seun Kuti told me in our proper sit-down interview that though his father couldn’t run for president (Fela had planned to run twice for the head of the Nigerian government, but was blocked), he would like to at some point.  As he sat on the bed in a tank-top, having just suspended a Play Station soccer match, it was a bit hard to imagine the young Mr. Kuti focusing someday on the presidency.  But he is very smart, and in the interview referenced the Nuremburg trials and genetically modified food and Monsanto as casually as he talked about the Roots.  And he seems to be reading up on how to run a country.  Here are five books he downloaded from iTunes to his iPhone that I would not have expected to find.

The Communist Manifesto, Engels/Marx

The Art of War, Sun Tsu

Common Sense, Thomas Paine

The Federalist Papers, Hamilton/Madison/Jay

Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes


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