Our Guest Today on “Afrologic”…

Ade Gboyega Oyedele is a Lagos music producer and deejay.  He is Afrobeat mad, like those New York deejays who can tell you all the personnel on specific Blue Note outtake sessions, he can tell you the Fela tracks Lester Bowie played on, and the years Roy Ayers was in Nigeria.  Ade has created an electro-Afrobeat act called Afrologic.  Afrologic is also the name of his two-hour weekly show on the University of Lagos radio station, “one oh-three dot one f-m” as they say.  It wasn’t exactly quid pro quo.  He agreed to speak with me about why he’s keeping Fela’s spirit alive.  And then Ade hinted I could be on his show at 3pm.Ade "Afrologic" on the mic

Fair enough.  So here’s a little excerpt of Ade asking me my impressions on my first visit to Lagos. The set-up:  we had been discussing how Fela was inspired by the misery and oppression that surrounded him.

2 responses to “Our Guest Today on “Afrologic”…

  1. That FELA t-shirt, gotta have it…
    Looks like Seun Kuti’s cd also in the frame.
    Must have been some real serious music thru the show.
    Is this show going online soon?


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