Feliciano dos SantosFeliciano dos Santos from Mozambique has been getting good press lately.  This is the story I produced for PRI’s The World a couple of weeks ago.


Here’s a guy who, outside of Mozambique, was an unknown until about three months ago.  Then he got the Goldman Prize and, perhaps more importantly, a publicist who knew who to call in the U.S. to make sure Santos’ story got told.  And now a lot of people know about a man whose childhood-contracted polio prompted him to think of clever ways of teaching people in Niassa province in northern Mozambique how to keep their water clean and disease free.  Water-borne disease, aspects of sanitation in which water is a vector, it’s all fodder for lyrics written by Feliciano dos Santos and his band Massukos.

Here’s Majorie MacAfee’s story on the latest episode of Frontline/WORLD.



One response to “La-la-la-latrine!

  1. Marco,
    Great story on two great Mozambicans changing the course of history for better! Congrats!
    It is amazing how music has such a major role in many societies nearby or afar. My native country, Brazil, is no exception. I love the way you care and understand about music from around the globe, especially the way you are interested in Brazilian music. I am very proud of having contributed to one of your reports with an interview, that one on Gilberto Gil’s inauguration as Minister of Culture. I would like to inform you, now, that the awesome Milton Nascimento is coming to Massachusetts for only one performance (Oct 11, in the wonderful Zeiterion Theater, in New Bedford). Antonio Carlos Jobim’s son (guitarist Paulo) and grandson (pianist Daniel) will be playing with Milton (and drummer Paulo Braga). I will be taking a one-week trip to Brazil (Sept 18-25), but, otherwise, I’m available for any chat or any help you might need. One more thing you might like to hear and consider for future reports: Robert Lamm, founder/keyboard player/vocalist of the group Chicago has a beautiful album out: The Bossa Project. When bossa nova is celebrating 50 years, this CD is like a gift to us all.
    Take care,
    My full name is Dario Borim Jr., and I am a professor at UMass Dartmouth. Phone: 508-910-6609 and email:

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