Barack the Magnificent

Such is the title of calypso king Mighty Sparrow’s prObama song.  Guess who Mighty Sparrow supports?  If your brain is on vacation, you can hear the answer in my story on Caribbean songs about Obama which aired on the May 7, ’08 edition of PRI’s The World.

Though he was born in Trinidad, Mighty Sparrow is a naturalized American.  So I understand his interest in the US campaign.  I was more interested in speaking with another singer Cocoa Tea.  His song released by the Jamaica, New York-based VP Records is titled “Barack Obama” and has a catchy one-drop rhythm.

I called Cocoa Tea on Monday.  No response, but I left a message.  I was hoping to run the story on Tuesday, primary day.  But editorial concerns about airing a story about prObama songs on election day pushed my story to Wednesday.  Today, however, Cocoa Tea called me back.  We played island-time phone tag all day.  And then I reached him on a land line.  You can hear here the questions that were not answered in my story.

Cocoa Tea interview


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