Overrun and Cancelled

I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon in Cambridge sorting through one of many boxes of old junk in an effort to release personal paper ballast.  In my nearly-40 year-old Scott’s National Postage Stamp album I came across this:

The page from my stamp album of the Overrun Countries issue

It’s a complete, though cancelled, set of the 1943-44 Overrun Countries issue.  The US Post Office released this series of 13 stamps starting in 1943 during the war in a bit of sabre-rattling solidarity with the countries featured on each stamp.  As you can see, the stamps feature flags of nations that had been invaded by Germany, Italy, or Japan.  Here’s a great item I found describing the controversy that developed over the Austria stamp (lower left on the page) in particular.  Thanks to the Syracuse Stamp Club of Syracuse, New York for doing the research.  I’m going to work up a story for PRI’s The World this week.

Imagine what such a series would look like today.  Imagine the US Post Office even coming up with such an idea.  Questions to ponder.


One response to “Overrun and Cancelled

  1. Great find!!! Any idea what these stamps are worth?

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