Greetings from Bury Park

Sarfraz Manzoor 

This is the title of a new book by Sarfraz Manzoor.  He’s a Muslim Pakistani who was raised in Britain, and who has a particular love of Bruce Springsteen.  It’s the kind of juxtaposition I relish in music and among music lovers around the world.

“Bruce Springsteen changed my life because in his music I saw the promise of hope and escape and self-improvement, but where once I longed to escape to the United States, these days I am convinced my father did the right thing coming to Britain.”Bruce

Here’s a recent review of Greetings from Bury Park that Mr. Manzoor posted on his own blog.  I suspect he approves.

Also, here is my colleague Matthew Bell’s radio profile about Manzoor from 2006.  Bell describes Manzoor as having “a mighty afro.”  I guess, based on the above picture, that Mr. Manzoor has since cleaned up his act a bit.


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